The Secret to Playing Full Out, Part Two

Do you yearn to live a life without fear and hesitation?

In our last newsletter we introduced the secret to playing full out with a discussion about operating out of our beingness.  Living from the place of knowing that we are whole, unique individuals — rather than from our egos and the perspective of having to fill up our lives with externals in order to be something — frees us to take risks and opens up our creativity.  That shift in thinking allows us to play full out.  What other aspects are involved in the art of playing full out?

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The Secret of Playing Full Out – Part One

Why did you originally choose to attend Klemmer workshops?  Were you looking for something more in your life, perhaps in the form of relationships, achieving goals, blasting past personal barriers that were hindering you?  In our last newsletter we talked about Curtis, who had achieved a lot of his goals, yet still felt unfulfilled.  Maybe you can relate to him, having also tried to remedy that feeling by reaching for higher and higher goals and ending in the cycle of More, Better, Different.  Or maybe your goals have eluded you.  Your chosen direction has proven to be more difficult than you imagined and now you’ve pulled back and are not playing full out.  Maybe you’ve given up altogether.

When we try to fill ourselves up with something external to ourselves we eventually face these outcomes.  How do we live then, instead, from our beingness? Read More…

I LOVE my life!

“I LOVE my life!” Many of you have heard me say this during a seminar or simply while in conversation with me. It’s a true statement. I love my life and an enormous part of that is loving the work that I do. As many of you know, I determined over 15 years ago that I would work for Klemmer as a facilitator. Little did I know that intention had an even bigger vision attached to it.

Five years ago, Krystal and I purchased the company because we did not want the Klemmer work to end after Brian Klemmer’s untimely death. We could not imagine a world where Klemmer tools were not taught and used. And, we were fully committed to creating a world that works for everyone with no one left out. Now, as we look back at this decision, the changes, the struggles, the sacrifices and the wins – we know without a doubt that we did the right thing.

Over the years, Klemmer has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives through our seminars and our belief in the traits of a Compassionate Samurai. We do not simply teach these ideals, we do our best to live them daily. Our friend and mentor Jim Stovall (President of Narrative Television Network as well as a published author of many books including The Ultimate Gift.  He is also a columnist and motivational speaker) had this to say about Klemmer in his recent newsletter:

“My late, great friend and colleague Brian Klemmer wrote an influential book entitled The Compassionate Samurai.  He hosted an international conference several times each year until his passing, and the conference continues as a significant part of his legacy.  Brian’s theory was that there are two kinds of people in the world:  compassionate individuals who have great hearts, and powerful people he called samurai who have a lot of control and influence.  He felt that when you can combine compassion and power, you can change the world for the better. 

Twice each year, I continue to travel to a small island in Mission Bay near San Diego where both powerful and compassionate people from around the world gather to explore how to maximize their gifts.  I have given over 40 speeches to this organization and believe my work with these unique people to be among the most fruitful of my career.”

Jim’s sentiments echo our own. The work we have done within the Klemmer organization has been the most powerful and fruitful of our careers! We get excited seeing lives change, people grow and dreams come true. Every day is a unique opportunity for us to learn, grow, serve and love.

Klemmer has a lot of new and exciting things on the horizon! We will be doing everything from introducing our new brand and creating a new website to customizing a platform that will include and benefit all of our grads. Stay tuned for more information!

As we’ve been writing this letter it occurred to us that a blog or note from us on a consistent basis would interest the grad base. We would love to get your feedback on topics and ideas you would like to hear about from us. If you have an idea or a topic, please email kristie@klemmer so she can create a list for us.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support of Klemmer, our programs and our mission! It’s because of people like you that we all WIN every day!

In gratitude,

Kimberly Zink & Krystal Zellmer

Do You Practice the Art of Being With?

Would you like to be more efficient, more effective, more intimate? Then join us in learning the art of being with.

Being with is a way of listening to people. It’s listening to others without any filters up. One filter compares whatever is said to your own personal experience. Another filter is listening with an agenda in mind, wondering what you’re going to get out of the conversation. There’s also the “right/wrong” filter where we constantly assess I’m right/they’re right, or I’m right/they’re wrong, etc. When you practice being with, you are present without any filters between you and the other person.

You are also present as a whole person. Every person is made up of a mind, body, feelings, and spiritual nature. When you’re being with, all four of these are present in the moment.

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The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself

When you consider what you should invest your time, money and effort in, try looking at yourself. You can be a worthwhile investment that can make an impact on the world around you. The time you put in improving, disciplining and educating yourself can pay dividends to you and others far into the future. When you have worked to reach your maximum potential, you are capable of unbelievable things.

When you pursue education in a field you enjoy, you are motivating yourself to have a purpose in life. Whether it is in teaching, art, business, government or medicine, this learning will give you the tools you need to help others. It also helps to expand your mind and widen your personal perspective. Read More…

When Achieving Your Goals is not Enough

The Problem of More, Better, Different

Consider Curtis. By his standards his life as a husband, father and general contractor wasn’t lacking. At 41, he made a comfortable amount of money, enjoyed his wife and kids, was a deacon in his church, and owned a house that he considered adequate. But Curtis felt like something was missing. His marriage could be better. He wanted to quit smoking and lose 25 pounds. There was a tract of land on the outskirts of town that he wanted to build a bigger house on. For that he needed to take his company to the next level. Then there was the dream of riding his motorcycle to Alaska and hiking the Colorado Trail with his son and daughter. When another contractor told him about a personal growth workshop, Curtis attended. As a result, Curtis’s marriage improved, he built a bigger house, lost 15 of the 25 pounds and over the course of two summers hiked the Colorado Trail.

Each time Curtis achieved one of his goals he felt fulfilled — at least for a time. The little tug that something was missing inevitably crept back in, though. So, Curtis redefined his goals. He quit smoking, took up running, completed a marathon. He rallied the troops and rode to Alaska. He spearheaded a trip to Bangladesh to build a school. Still, in the end, that sense of fulfillment always seemed to vaporize, like morning mist in the sun.

Can you relate to Curtis? Are you pleased that you’ve overcome self-limiting obstacles to achieve your goals, but in the end you don’t really feel fulfilled? There’s a reason for that. Read More…

How to Find Your Purpose

Do you know your purpose?

If not, you’re in the company of a lot of other people. Like those other people, you might share a feeling of aimlessness and dissatisfaction with life. Something seems to be missing, and you know there’s got to be more. But how does someone go about finding their purpose? Is there a course you can take? A book you can read? Someone you can talk to who can tell you what it is? Read More…

Listen to Your Heart

Do you sometimes struggle with making decisions over which you feel conflict? At some time or another, all of us do. When we are in this position, it’s helpful for us to be able to discern what our intuition is telling us. That is why it’s important for us to learn how to listen to our hearts.

There’s a vivid picture of this in the movie, The Sweetland. Lars, the protagonist, is conflicted over whether to sell a large tract of North Dakota farmland that he has inherited from his grandparents. On one hand Lars stands to walk away with 2.2 million dollars from the sale of this property. This is the decision Lars’ wife seems to want him to make. On the other hand, this land represents the beautiful and resilient love between Lars’ grandparents, a couple who defied stereotypes and community opposition to their marriage because she was a German mail order bride in a post-World War I setting. To top it off, Lars’s grandparents are buried on that land. As Lars agonizes over whether to sell this property or not, he comes to a decision by listening to his intuition, his heart.

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How You Can Reach Your Unreachable Star

Do you have a “star” that looks impossible to reach, but you know deep down in your heart that you can reach it? This was the case for Coach Doug Wilkins. Forty-four years ago, he had the dream of leading his high school football players to consistent victories. How did Wilkins fulfill his dream? In the past two newsletters we’ve discussed the first two ingredients of Coach Wilkins’ recipe for success: commitment and leadership. What is the third ingredient that led the Mountain Lakes High School football team to 8 state championships and 25 consecutive winning seasons?

The third ingredient is Read More…

If You Hope to Win, You Won’t

There’s no doubt about it, everyone wants to be on the winning team. Some of us have the idea that if our team is more talented than the other team, or if we’re lucky enough or having a good day, we’ll win. But is that true? Does winning just happen?

Not according to Coach Doug Wilkins. Forty-four years ago when he coached his first football season and lost, he realized he’d better come up with a way of winning, or else! What components are necessary for winning? In the last newsletter we discussed the foundation to winning: commitment. The second factor Coach came up with was Read More…