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Every moment is a choice

By Kristin Bennett Every moment is a choice. It is a simple concept, though to apply it can sometimes be daunting. Today was one of those days. After spending a long day out running errands with my two young daughters, I came home to see that my lovely neighbor had blocked our narrow easement where […]


Five Keys to Distinguish Yourself in Business

by Rosie Bank As business owners, there are things we can do to ensure our profitability. Let’s address what we can do to make more money, have more fun, work with the competition, and ensure our long term success. When you think of others who might be offering similar services and products as you do, […]


Service With A Smile

By Rosie Bank Attention business owners and entrepreneurs! My experience going through the entire series of seminars offered through K&A is that people who like to be in charge of their lives are attracted to programs like Personal Mastery all the way through Samurai Camp. I met many folks like me: business owners and people […]