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Top 10 Qualities of Effective Leaders

There are ten leadership qualities every leader should possess in order to further their interests. Ownership of these ten leadership qualities will gain the respect and devotion of those under them. 1. Fairness: Every leader needs to be impartial in all their dealing. All sides must be looked at before coming to a conclusion without […]


If You Want Something Instant, Make Pudding

Right now we are in the full swing of summer. Trees are lush, flowers are in full bloom, and stores and farmer’s markets are starting to burst with fresh produce. The tendency may be to focus on the product of summer, the fruit. But summer is a time of growth. If you garden, then you […]


Focus to Fortune

by Rosie Bank Imagine a business woman on the golf course. She owns a thriving kitchen gadget business that just came out with a new must-have kitchen device. She is excited about this and can’t wait to tell everyone about it. All of her fellow golf mates will go home knowing about why they should […]