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First day, last day

By Centa Terry First day, last day is such an easy concept to understand, sometimes a bit more difficult to live out. You truly do have to be conscious of it because it is a mind set to live this way! We are never guaranteed tomorrow and although there is much to be learned from […]


How Does the Right/Wrong Paradigm Color Your Experience?

There is a set of sunglasses we wear that colors our experiences in the context of right and wrong. When considering this, I am not speaking in terms of morality, but about a person’s experience. More specifically, within this context one person is right and the other person is wrong. Over the years I have […]


A lesson in resistance & acceptance

By Alison Silbert After a short while of having what many people would call the perfect life – a wonderful husband, a beautiful home, and the beginnings of a growing business – things quickly ‘went south’: my husband became not-so-wonderful, the business developed problems as a result of the personal issues, and money became a […]