And the iPad Winners Are…

As you know I have been asking for testimonials from you regarding your journey through life after attending one or all of our seminars.  I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being open to looking at your life and gaining the knowledge that YOU have the ability to create results beyond what you could imagine.  I especially would like to thank those who contributed by sending us a testimonial.  We at Klemmer are excited to put together a book as well as a video of all the testimonials we received so that you can share them with your family, friends and colleagues.  This is one more tool that we will make available to you!

In addition, we are ALWAYS grateful to hear of your accomplishments, wins and breakthroughs so please keep sending your testimonials to  images

Again from my heart, thank you!

Love and Light,


Now to the good part…  the winners of the iPads were selected by a random drawing in our corporate office.  They are Amber Thill, Ben Emund and David Vrona and here are their testimonials:

From Amber Thill
University of Northern Iowa
Family Services Major

Klemmer has changed my life in many areas such as health, relationships, and helped to improve my self-esteem and self-worth. Some of the results I received after doing the Klemmer work were: getting a raise from work, improving my relationship with my Dad-we didn’t used to talk at all and now we talk daily. I set my intention to get to California and Arizona without knowing how, and was able to get to California for free. Intention+mechanism=results, and I’ve practiced it many times and know that whatever dreams are out there are possible!

These classes are priceless and have helped me to understand how to have faith in myself and to move forward in living my life to the fullest! I even sing and dance on the way to work, when I used to moan and complain about traffic. Learning how to love life is the biggest gift that was given to me! Thank you Brian Klemmer for leaving a legacy that lives on!

From Ben Emond
Owner, CPUdude Technology Services,
Manchester, NH

My weekend at Personal Mastery taught me much about what was locked up inside me for the longest time and brought out the can do more than anything.  It brought me closer to a very good friend of mine, and we now work together as accountability partners striving towards success.  My goal has changed much due to events following being at PM, but all for the better.  I’m making better business decisions and the outcome has been nothing short of amazing.  The world has opened up to so many possibilities, I just run with it and let it lead me to where I need to be.

Thank you so much for having me in the program, I will return to help!

From David Vrona (Coach)
I Am Gentle Peaceful Intuitive Man.

From the time my Klemmer Journey began, I have applied every class to my life and my profession.  I became a more effective facilitator at Family Life Skills Learning Center relating to the men I was with.  Facilitation the Learning To Love, Learning to Live class was huge.  Applying the principles from K & A brought out the best in the men.  The marriage that I have with my wife, Kathy, is tremendous.  We have open honest responsible communication and we are open books with each other.  We are both very close with our sons and daughter-in-law.  We have one tremendous family.  Our son, Clint, and his wife, Sarah, have gone through the K & A journey also.  We are one very close family and we are very thankful for that relationship.  Nathan and I are so close that we love being with each other.  I would not trade the relationship that I have with our sons and Sarah for anything.  It is that great.
Applying the same skills to my teaching profession created a space for my students to take ownership of their class.  My PE classes were a combination of ALS and Sam Camp.  My Guys loved being with me because they were safe with me.  The last 7 years of teaching was a ministry for me.  I loved being with the students and bringing out the best in them.  Many of them asked for the True Choice poster that I hung in my locker room office.  My guys lived by it.  I live with True Choice 24*7.  I remember when I was a student in Sam Camp 10 in September of 2006.  I had the time of my life with breakthrough and developing the positive habits that last.  I went into Camp 10 as a student weighing 221 pounds.  I released 38 pounds in Camp 10 and today I am still weighing 183 pounds.  The personal fitness habits that I developed in Camp 10 are running strong in Camp 25.  I am in the best physical, spiritual and emotional shape of my life.  I love life!
I continue to play Sam Camp Full Blast Full Out and More in Total Abundance with Prayer, Passion, and Faith & Fun in every phase of my life.  The positive habits that I have developed in Camp last a life time.  I continue to give back to Sam Camp.  Staffing Sam Camp is an honor that I hold very high.  Sam Camp has become a ministry for me.  I choose to promote K & A everywhere I am.  This experience is tremendous!

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