Be Your Own Detective!

By Jim Pagiamtzis

We are creatures of habit. In a Personal Mastery session that I attended in December, the facilitator said “be your own detective.” This sounded very perplexing, so I wrote it down and circled it.

I have watched numerous detective shows & movies including Sherlock Holmes, Columbo starring Peter Falk, and Murder She Wrote by Angela Lansbury. In these shows they investigate and solve murders by going through details, eliminating suspects, and in the end, arresting the perpetrator.

We can take the same skills and apply them to our daily lives by mapping our routines to see how we spend our time and money!

This powerful exercise starts by writing down what you did all week. It may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but the goal is to look for improvement opportunities, and to begin taking small steps toward a larger goal.

In the Champion’s Workshop, we go through an experiential learning exercise where we realize that we have choices to make in how we run our lives, and the patterns we follow.

Your drive to work

If you drive to work every day, you probably arrive without thinking about it much, as if on auto-pilot, due to the pattern you’ve created.  What if you took a different route to work? What would happen? You would probably see new scenery. Maybe you would find a faster route, and change your pattern to add a new experience to your day.

Meeting new people can be a new experience. Often we limit our relationships to people we feel comfortable with. If we want to get out of our comfort zone, we could do it easily by having a conversation with a shopper or clerk while waiting in line to check out, by making an effort to meet our neighbors, or by participating in a local event.

Money matters

It pays to take time to examine how we spend money.  You may have heard of the “Latte Effect” – the opportunities provided by skipping $5 daily coffees, and instead saving it for a long term goal such as a vacation.

Be your own detective and you will learn more about your daily habits, and learn how to create a better experience for yourself and those around you.


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