City Buys State a University

by Bob Harrison

The California State University system’s newest campus is located in the Palm Springs area. What is unusual is that this university campus opened without the state putting up any money.

For years, officials in the Palm Springs area tried to get the university system to open a campus in their area. Repeatedly, they were told… “If the state has to pay for it, it will take decades. In fact, it might never happen.”

However, two individuals would not accept that as a final answer. They invited the California State University Chancellor to come to town for a luncheon attended by dignitaries. During their time together they asked him, “What if we donated a campus to you? Would you then build it and furnish a staff?” He answered, “Yes.”

The city of Palm Desert agreed to donate the land for a 200-acre campus site. Then by piling municipal money on top of private donations, in 90 days the two raised $9 million and then $10 million more. Now the thriving campus is training thousands of students, plus the campus is surrounded by retail stores and motels which provide a continuous revenue flow for the city.
This story is a great example of “The Formula Of Champions” taught by Klemmer & Associates – which is as follows: Intention + Mechanism = Results. Brian Klemmer maintained that the key to making things happen, and getting fresh ideas and strategies, is not to focus solely on the mechanism (on the How Tos). One must also increase the intensity (hunger/desire) of the intention (the dream or desired outcome). When the intention is strong enough, the mechanisms (How Tos) will begin to appear. Brian taught that one of the ways of raising the intensity of one’s intentions is through visualization. He states…

While needing to raise funds for a building project I was involved in, every week I used to walk the land that I wanted to put the building upon. That caused my subconscious to work on creating mechanisms to raise money. Drawings of the project were made before any money was raised, and I constantly looked at them. That also raised my intention. I actually would take time to mentally picture the grand opening of the building and see people using it. Remember…

…your subconscious is already seeing a picture of what it believes is the current reality.

Therefore, to achieve your goals you must control those images. Surround yourself with pictures of the desired finished state. Go and see and/or touch something that represents your dream or desired outcome. Also create a psychological trigger device: anything that reminds you of that picture of your achieved goal.

By using the above techniques, you can help unlock the powerful potential of your subconscious and accomplish what may seem to be impossible or insurmountable.

In times of negativity and/or economic uncertainty, do not get so busy and/or consumed with problem solving that you neglect to invest time and money into those activities that will enable you to “break out” of the normal and experience exciting unexpected increase.

What can you do to increase your intention mechanism?

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