Clarify Your Intention to Get Results

Often, people who have been exposed to the concept of intention confuse it with will power. As explained in chapter 2 of If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy, intention is not will power. Will power comes from the conscious mind, or head.

Whenever there is a conflict between the subconscious, the heart, and the head, the subconscious will always win. If you say an affirmation with the conscious mind such as, “I am a millionaire,” but your subconscious is saying “Money is scarce,” the results in your life will prove what your subconscious believes.

This is why our Personal Mastery Seminars are so important. During this seminar individuals explore what subconscious beliefs are making their decisions for them. The Titanic was not sunk by the tip of an iceberg, but by what lurked beneath the surface and could not be seen. When your third level, second level and first level (for an explanation of all three levels see chapter 5 of If How To’s Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny Rich and Happy) are all saying the same thing, you are lined up and have “intention” as well as integrity. You become like a magnet. Opportunities and the right people are drawn to you, and you are hooked into a force that is beyond reason and logic. This incredible force rolls over any obstacle and, seemingly out of the blue, you are provided a mechanism for achieving results with very little effort.

Part of tapping into intention is having “clarity.” One exercise in our Advanced Leadership Seminar is a licensed game called The Samurai Game. It is a fantastic experience for learning about intention, discipline, commitment, focus, loyalty, and boldness. When I first attended the game with its inventor, George Leonard, he described it to me before we actually played it the following day. During the explanation, he said one of the roles in the game would be the Daimio, a leader somewhat like a king. He didn’t say how the Daimio would be selected, but it became very clear to me that regardless of the process of selection, I would be the Daimio. The next day during the selection process I did become the Daimio, and I saw clearly how intention was not will power. I also saw how clarity is a factor in the reality of my life.

As you make plans for the day, a meeting or a sales call, always take the time to clarify your intention. Doing so will change the results in your life.

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