Excited to announce the Giver’s Marketplace

We are excited to announce that the Giver’s Marketplace has launched. If you haven’t yet heard, the Giver’s  Marketplace is an online community driven forum; made for K&A graduates to search for fellow graduate run businesses and charities. At Heart of the Samurai last month the announcement of Giver’s Marketplace made quite an impact. We had business owners sign up to post on the Marketplace and there was a lot of enthusiasm from people who want to use it.
We are excited that the Marketplace is now open for you to experience. We need many more people to post businesses and charitable giving opportunities in order for Giver’s Marketplace to become the amazing tool we envision for all K&A grads. Please visit Giver’s Marketplace to see the initial postings, read our frequently asked questions, and most importantly subscribe to post your own business or charity on the site.
There are a couple of really exciting things about the Giver’s Marketplace that make all of us at Klemmer believe that it has the potential to be a huge game changer for everybody involved. The most exciting CHANGE is that the Marketplace provides Klemmer and Associates’ students a safe and non-intrusive way to seek out fellow Compassionate Samurai to take advantage of the myriad of services, products, and opportunities they have to offer. As all of our students and staff are aware, K&A has a standing non-solicitation policy that every student and staff member agrees to. We are offering this Marketplace to create opportunities for grads to support each other while staying in integrity with the non-solicitation policy! This is a big win-win for graduates, and is something that has been a long time coming.
The other exciting aspect of the Marketplace is that each graduate who is posting on the Marketplace has pledged to voluntarily donate a percentage of the proceeds generated through Giver’s Marketplace transactions to the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to deserving individuals with proven drive and desire for personal growth, but without the financial means to pay for Klemmer seminars. The Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund has made it possible for 12 teenagers to attend the Youth Leadership Camp that took place in Colorado last week. Not to mention the dozens of PM students who have been given this gift of liberty. We are so happy to be making that difference for these 12 young Compassionate Samurai, but we see the possibility of doing so much more. We are excited about the Giver’s Marketplace because the more you use it, the more people we can scholarship into this life changing work. It becomes not only a win-win for our grads like you, but a triple win, including scholarship recipients who will make untold positive change for themselves and their communities because you choose to step up and contribute through making use of the Marketplace.
It is up to the community of grads to use and grow the Marketplace. Currently there are very few postings on the site because it is brand new, but if you can see the vision of what it could grow to become, then please sign up to make your own posting on the Marketplace and let’s make this a thriving community together. You can sign up today at klemmer.com/gm.

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