Giver’s Marketplace Profile



Each week we will be profiling one of our Giver’s Marketplace members. Members of the Marketplace are all Klemmer graduates who are active in business or fundraising. You can check all of them out at,  for this first profile we are highlighting Dr. Pamela Fowers. She is our newest member of the Marketplace. We chose to start with her because she is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of an invention, the campaign ends on November 18th. Dr. Fowers is a chiropractor, her life’s work is helping people relieve pain and restore balance in their bodies. She has invented the Sping Thing, it is an affordable handheld massage tool, that really works. Dr. Fowers brought a prototype of the Spring Thing to Advanced Leadership last week and gave us the chance to try it ourselves.

The Giver’s Marketplace Profiles will include a personal message from Kimberly Zink about the graduate and business or cause being profiled. Below is her message about Dr. Fowers and the Spring Thing.

Pam Fowers has been a dear friend for over 10 years. We met at her ALS while I was staffing. She then continued her journey with K&A through Sam Camp, where I was privileged to coach her to 100% completion of her goals. This was simply the beginning of a very fruitful and loving connection. She was part of building one of the largest Personal Masterys in K&A’s history. I have always valued my connection with Pam as one of love and professionalism. I was so excited to hear from her again last week and celebrate her latest achievement. She has created a magnificent device that helps everyone to feel better. I am sharing my excitement about it, and told her I would look forward to buying this new product for myself personally. As she is a member of the Giver’s Marketplace I thought all of you should be aware of what Pam, as a Klemmer grad, has created. Even though Pam lives 2.5 hours from San Francisco she jumped in her car and met me at ALS so I could experience the device in person. Well, she was correct, this massage device is different from anything I have experienced in the past. Pain that I have come to accept after being on the road for 2-3 weeks was relieved in minutes.

I am excited about the future of this Kickstarter project. Go to the Giver’s Marketplace on to find out more information.

We are building the Giver’s Marketplace as a resource to create a SAFE and profitable space in an integrous way in the near future. Come join the fun!
Kimberly Zink