Guest Bloggers

Become a guest blogger on the Klemmer blog!

Benefits to you:

1. Provide a short author bio at the end of each post so you can become well known in our community

2. Earn a link back to your site in the author section

3. Raise traffic to your personal website or blog



1. Content must be new and not posted anywhere else on the web. (We use copyscape to check this)

2. Articles should be 500 – 750 words long

3. You may do a video blog if you prefer

4. Must be well written content, but doesn’t have to be perfect

5. Include a picture of yourself for better visibility and personal branding


Areas of Interest and Ideas for Content

1. Articles – Unique topics and fresh ideas that provoke discussion amount our audience and makes and impression

2. Inspirations – Success stories, case studies, and resourceful lists

3. Real World Stories – Stories of how you have implemented the tools that you have learned in our courses out in the world.

4. Contribution – Stories on how you have “given back” to the world via non-profit work, community service, etc…


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