The Importance of Relationships

Really when we boil down our lives, everything comes back to relationships. Our relationship with our friends, bosses, significant others, family and co-workers, just to name a few. Through the Klemmer & Associates training, you have grown in your emotional intelligence and truly reached a new level of competence on communicating with others. Staying plugged into the work is so important! It is like keeping the battery on your phone charged!

If you have not staffed or re-audited classes please come back and be in the work with us again. It will serve you more than you could ever know. An extremely unique way of keeping yourself immersed in this work is to come and watch your children, or a child close to you learn about the work for the first time. Our Playful Mastery course is coming soon and enrolling your children in Playful Mastery is an awesome way to create a space where your children are speaking the same language as you. Check out for details. Not only does your child go through the course, you are also with them as their mentor through the process. We have launched a new incentive for families who enroll in Playful Mastery. If you enroll by March 1st, you will receive 50 Klemmer Bucks and a free download – which is also the February Product of the Month. Once your child has attended, we will automatically deposit 50 Klemmer Bucks into your account.  This is a win /win for sure.

Make the gift of a healthy home part of your life this 2014.