Invest in your Children

Happy New Year!  We here at Klemmer are on a mission to make positive change for children and families in 2014. Which is why we’ve launched a new incentive for families who enroll in our summer Playful Mastery program or who enroll their teens into our Youth Leadership Camps.

If you enroll into one of these classes by March 1st, 2014, you will receive 50 Klemmer Bucks and a free download! The download consists of ten hours of audio MP3s on ten fundamental learning models to build your personal and professional life upon and will be emailed to you on March 1st.  Once your child has attended one of these workshops we will automatically deposit 50 Klemmer Bucks into your account.  This is a win /win for sure.

We believe both youth programs are an invaluable tool in developing a harmonious family.  We all want that – right?!  If you want more information on either program you can go to our website or call Kari for Youth Leadership at 801-554-8757 and JoAnne for Playful Mastery at 707-559-7722.

Making it happen in 2014,

The Klemmer Team

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