Lesson #24 – Stretch Your Frying Pan

–Leaders have a large abundant consciousness

Imagine a man fishing. He has a bucket and a 12-inch ruler that is broken off at the 10-inch mark. He pulls in a fish and measures it. It’s very small, only 7 inches, and he puts it in his bucket.

That’s right! What a shocker. He keeps the little fish. Then he reels in a 24-inch whopper. Seeing it’s bigger than his ruler, he throws it back in the water!

Repeatedly, the man keeps every fish smaller than 10 inches and throws all the bigger fish back.

Now, I’m not a very good fisherman, but I confront him with why he’s doing this. The man tells me matter-of-factly, “My wife only has a 10-inch frying pan.”

Silly story, but how often do we reject ideas as being unrealistic simply because they are bigger than our frying pan, bigger than our consciousness?

Perhaps someone has approached you with a way to make a large amount of money and you immediately reject it because it’s bigger than your frying pan.

Perhaps someone has suggested you can get a project done in half the time you are thinking is possible. Did you reject it off hand as unrealistic?

Are you ready to double the size of your frying pan this year? Hanging out with people who are more successful than you is one way you can stretch your frying pan. Don’t argue with them about how they are being unrealistic. Stretch your thinking.

One of the reasons I hang out with Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen is that my frying pan is stretched by those men!

I pre-sold 1,000 copies of my book, If How To’s Were Enough, We Would All Be Skinny Rich and Happy. That covered my printing costs and I thought I was doing pretty well.

But Mark, who has sold over 100 million books, which makes me a novice at selling books, and Robert worked to pre-sell one million copies of The One Minute Millionaire before it was printed! That definitely altered my frying pan!

I recommend you purchase a frying pan and put in where you will see it a lot. Have this trigger you to keep getting a bigger and bigger frying pan.

So many people when they go to set their goals look at what they did last year and add 10 percent to that for the current year.
They look as that as reasonable. It may be reasonable, but it does not generate the creative tension necessary to create enormous success.

If you want to protect yourself, then write a worst case for you to plan on. Corporately, we call that our accounting case. Then decide on a target that is much bigger than you know how to do now.
That forces you to ask for help from other people and from God.

Write down two things you have said no to because you didn’t think you had the time or money to do. Spend 30 minutes this week thinking about those two things and the question, “If I really had to, how would I do that?”

That will stretch your frying pan.

The size of the frying pan determines the size of the fish you can catch and keep. Leaders have a large abundant consciousness.

Action Step #1

Have lunch with someone that is way more successful than you. Interview them. Look for what they’re doing that to you would be “unrealistic.” Ask them what makes that so realistic for them.

Action Step #2

Identify your limits. What is the maximum increase in financial income you can conceive happening to you this year? What is the quickest amount of time you can make a true friend? What is the largest amount of money you can raise and contribute to a community organization?

An Example
Often in our Personal Mastery Seminars I will take someone that has a migraine headache and do a technique with them that in less than five minutes–with no drugs–eliminates the headache. It’s available on one of the CD’s in our Pursuit and Practice of Personal Mastery series.
Part of the reason I do the technique, is because it’s good for people to have a tool to handle headaches that can augment and often replace drugs. I did this just recently in the hair saloon where I get my hair cut with another patron. It shocked them so much they cried on my shoulder.
The biggest reason I do it, is because it shatters people’s frying pan’s of what is possible. When someone actually gets rid of a migraine in less than five minutes, when they normally would have to take shots or go home, they begin to doubt their self-imposed limits. They start to wonder about other things, such as turning a marriage around or perhaps living a lifestyle they thought was just an impossible dream.

“The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking”
–Robert Schuller

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  1. I hope Brian left his migraine treatment to his organization. And why are they not sharing it with EVERY MD?

  2. Andrea R. says:

    Where can I order the CD with the technique to eliminate migraines? Thank you, Andrea R.

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