Lesson #48 – The Speed of Recovery

–Leaders have a short recovery quotient

How long does it take you to bounce back from something? That is your recovery quotient.

Consider the salesperson who gets a single “no” and won’t even try to sell for the rest of the day! Or the person looking for a date who gets rejected and won’t ask anyone else out for a date for a month! Or someone who fails on a project and won’t assume responsibility for another project for a year!

Everyone has failures, but the recovery quotient should not be that long. The truth is, successful people have more failures and rejection than average people. The real difference is in how quickly they bounce back.

There is a story of a donkey that fell into a deep well.
Someone above was shoveling dirt filling in the well. Every time more dirt was thrown in the well, the donkey shook itself like a dog, thereby shaking off the dirt, and took a step forward . . . and eventually walked out of the hole.

Do you feel like dirt is being thrown on you? Can you shake it off and take a small step forward?

Five keys to quickly bouncing back are:

1) look at someone who has it far worse than you

2) make it an ego battle (Is this circumstance stronger or are you?)

3) talk with people who overcame defeat (ask what they did to bounce back)

4) bring God into the matter (this is a wise long-term spiritual approach)

5) carry it out to the extreme (can you handle a worst case scenario?)
Everyone gets knocked down, but champions bounce right back! Shake it off and get back in the fight!

Action Step #1

Think of your last setback that you have not moved forward from. Now go visit someone who has it far worse than you. Then begin to address your setback.

Action Step #2

Give yourself hope by interviewing someone who has suffered a defeat or setback and not only survived but thrived.

An Example:

In 1998, I had a woman sue me. It was in my viewpoint fraudulent. Through a series of events that seemed like a Greek tragedy, we unfairly lost $400,000!

I learned a lot about the difference between law and justice. I got schooled about the real world of business and how to protect yourself from unsavory characters.

It was one of those moments where you can either build your character or become bitter and settle for a mediocre life. We (my family and corporate family) worked on our recovery quotient. There were dark days of doubt, but we kept moving forward. I visited an aids clinic and a homeless shelter to get a better perspective on my own situation.

My wife and I looked the worst-case scenario (that of losing our house) squarely in the eye and said, “We could live with that.” We prayed a lot and asked for the wisdom to see all the lessons we should learn and asked for God’s guiding hand. I talked to people who had gone bankrupt, suffered the death of a spouse, and other setbacks who had bounced back.
In two short years, we were able to recover everything we had lost and more! I say this not to brag, because this pales in comparison to what others have bounced back from, but it is merely a very personal story to give you hope. Dark days may come, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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