Listen to Your Heart

Do you sometimes struggle with making decisions over which you feel conflict? At some time or another, all of us do. When we are in this position, it’s helpful for us to be able to discern what our intuition is telling us. That is why it’s important for us to learn how to listen to our hearts.

There’s a vivid picture of this in the movie, The Sweetland. Lars, the protagonist, is conflicted over whether to sell a large tract of North Dakota farmland that he has inherited from his grandparents. On one hand Lars stands to walk away with 2.2 million dollars from the sale of this property. This is the decision Lars’ wife seems to want him to make. On the other hand, this land represents the beautiful and resilient love between Lars’ grandparents, a couple who defied stereotypes and community opposition to their marriage because she was a German mail order bride in a post-World War I setting. To top it off, Lars’s grandparents are buried on that land. As Lars agonizes over whether to sell this property or not, he comes to a decision by listening to his intuition, his heart.

How does a person do that? In order to learn to listen to your heart, it is imperative that you always “trust your gut feeling, your intuition, your coach. Practice first thought, best thought. That’s where you get the answers that aren’t cluttered down by over-thinking, justification, logic, outside advice and all of the other noise from the stands. Your intuition can answer questions, give you advice and offer you guidance when you need it most.”

If you’re not used to doing so, learning to “listen to your gut” takes guts at first. It can be scary, because doing so may run counter to what makes logical sense. It requires getting alone, away from the clamor of all the other voices that would tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, so that you can hear your innermost thoughts.

Listening to your intuition also requires practice. In the beginning you might only dip your toe into the ocean of your intuition, but the more you heed what you believe your heart is telling you and the more you experience its results, the easier it will be to know and follow you heart. This will give you the boldness to risk taking bigger and bigger steps.

As for Lars, it is when he gets alone and reminisces about the story of his grandparents that he is able to listen to his heart. Lars knows what to do because, in reflecting about his grandparents, he remembers his grandmother’s definition of a Norwegian word that means “a different kind of happy.” As a result, he comes to a conclusion that on the surface might not seem like the one he should come to, but it is an outcome that — for him — is more meaningful and satisfying. In the end, Lars chooses the different kind of happy. He backs out of his 2.2 million dollar contract to keep the land and his inner peace.

Not only is learning to listen to your heart helpful when it comes to making decisions, but it is necessary for you to do so in order to grow into the person you were meant to be. As your intuition guides you, it will help you discover and live in integrity to your purpose, an important subject which we will discuss in an upcoming newsletter.

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2 Responses to “Listen to Your Heart”

  1. Renee says:

    I did listen to my heart. Acted on it. Followed it. I was wrong. It was a false showing. God answered my prayer, but it was wrong. But now I am lost. I don’t even know what my heart wants any more. And I my purpose is finished has been for awhile. I haven’t found another.
    So while this is a good article, it doesn’t help me right now.
    And I don’t think getting back into the work will either. I have asked what to do but I don’t get an answer.

  2. Jeri says:

    Oh Renee, my heart bleeds for you. I do ‘get’ following a dream only to crash and burn. I did not know how I would ever get up again. I chose KA to help me. Was it the only way? Nope. But it was there when I needed something to grasp like a life raft. Do I know my full purpose? Nope. I do know I need to put one foot in front of the other. And I am open to possibilities. God didn’t break my heart. A man did. Or I chose to let a man close enough to…. I pray for your recovery. I would like to hear your responsible story. We all fall down. We choose to get back up.

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