Not Quitting is Not Good Enough

The saying goes like this: the only way you can fail is to quit. In fact, I heard someone say just last week regarding his business that he was not giving up.  I am now going to challenge this belief from the perspective that there is much more than merely not giving up and not quitting. You can apply this to your business, your health, your finances, your relationships – any and all of the important areas of your life where you have so much to gain by giving it all you’ve got. Where winning – in whatever form that looks like to you – is a big deal. This can be measured by a thriving and profitable business, healthy and meaningful relationships, more than enough money, and radiant health.

My mind goes clunk when I hear that someone is not quitting. That could look like standing still, one foot in the game, taking little or no action, and lots of good intentions that, like a baby crying in a theater, should be carried out. What comfort does it bring to just not quit? Some, I suppose, but not enough to win the game. If your energy and your thoughts are around not quitting, you might be missing out on a chance to live a life of much greater meaning and satisfaction.

Winning is much bigger and bolder than not quitting. Winning takes strength and determination. Knowing what to do is different than doing it. Playing to win will require and give you back more energy. Like a good workout at the gym, you might get sore from the effort put forth, and you will most likely be excited by the results that you created on purpose. Consistent  massive action is more than a substitute for great ideas that linger in your mind. It is the only way for you to close the gap between where you are and what you say you want.

On a zero-to-five scale, zero meaning you are  O U T, and five meaning that you are taking yourself steadily and consistently toward and across the finish line (even if this is progressive), not quitting is about a two-point-five. Ooh, not so good. This does not sound exciting to me, and it doesn’t sound like the results will be very satisfying. If your focus is on not quitting, versus winning and completing, you might want to examine where your real commitment lies.

Be definite in your purpose and be crystal clear in what you want. Moving up the scale from not quitting to playing full out will transform your life and everyone who you inspire along the way. Five is better. Go find out for yourself.

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