Overcoming Resistance

What is your dream? Do you want to be the best in your field? Do you want to have a number ten relationship or marriage? Do you want to be in top-notch physical condition? Then remember this saying: Nothing great becomes great without overcoming great resistance.

Why remember this saying? Because when you commit to anything that’s significantly bigger than where you’re at, your belief systems kick into gear to defend themselves. Resistance shows up. What do most people do when they encounter resistance? They resist resistance. They give up on their goal. They shut down.

Instead of resisting resistance, overcome it. Here are three keys to help you succeed.

The first key is, RECOGNIZE resistance. Recognize that when you commit to great things, resistance is a natural course of events. As a management tool for others and ourselves, we need to be aware that difficulties are a natural course of progressing to the next level. Perhaps your dream is to become presidential in a network marketing company, but your downlines are jumping ship. Or perhaps you committed to losing weight, but all of a sudden you’ve got a relationship problem on your hands. In any scenario, remember to recognize that these difficulties are part of the process.

The second key is, WELCOME resistance. Our natural response to these complications is to become frustrated and perhaps even question why we are shooting for the stars. But when our attitude toward resistance is to surrender to and welcome it, we can flow through these problems instead of giving up.

The third key is, STAY THE COURSE. This is much like encountering the resistance of weights. In order to build muscles, you know that you need to push through the weights, or the resistance.

The fairy tale world is full of knights who desire to become king. But we all know it’s impossible to get to the throne without slaying the proverbial dragon. So, if you want to become king – in other words, great in terms of business, marriage or your personal life — when problems arise, don’t back down. Don’t say, “I’ll confront this dragon another day.” First, recognize that difficulties are part of the process. Welcome them. And then, stay the course. Remember, nothing great ever becomes great without overcoming great resistance.

To reinforce the concept of overcoming resistance, listen to the downloadable audio, Overcoming Obstacles, David and Goliath, or read chapter 1 in The Compassionate Samurai. Both are available at www.klemmer.com.

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