Taking the Fear Out of Change

How do you deal with change? Do you resist it? Do you try to ignore it and hope it goes away? Or do you embrace change?

If there’s one thing that’s true, change is here to stay. Picture yourself in a boat, in a vast ocean representing change. If you become fearful and resist the power of the ocean, you’re going to get crushed. How can you take the fear out of change and manage it so that Read More…

The Power of Possibility

Do you want to open up possibilities in your life?  There are crucial differences between living out of possibility versus probability.

Living from probability takes place when you look at what you are capable of and what you have done in the past.  From this perspective, you calculate whether you think you can do something and whether you can get incremental, or minute, increases for your life.

Living from possibility, on the other hand, is the experience of knowing that you can create incredible results or miracles in your life that have no relationship to what you’ve done before.  When you live from possibility Read More…

Turn Compliance Into Commitment: Promise and Follow-up

Previously we discussed the first two steps required to change a compliance situation at work into one of commitment: conversation for agreement and request. During a conversation for agreement, my task is to discover what motivates the person I’m speaking with. Once I understand this, I propose a specific action that needs to take place within a specific time period in order for the goal to be accomplished. Then I’m ready for the third step: promise.

During this phase I ask my employee if they are willing to carry out this proposal of making two hundred calls in two weeks to reach a 20% increase in sales. At this point I need to hear “Yes, I’ll do it,” or Read More…

Turn Compliance Into Commitment: Conversation For Agreement and Request

How do you motivate people to operate out of commitment instead of compliance? There are four steps to make this happen: conversation for agreement, request, promise and follow-up. In this newsletter we’ll discuss the first two steps, conversation for agreement and request. You can also learn more about this subject in a 52-week course, Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time (for a free offer, click here and sign up for “52 FREE Weekly Leadership Lessons”).

To follow a previous illustration, if I’m the director of a team of people who needs to create an unprecedented 20% increase in sales, I first need to find out Read More…

Two Motivators: Compliance Versus Commitment

Are you stuck in business relationships in which you’re required to use fear as a motivator? If so, you will be interested in the communication technique, promise and request.

There are many different kinds of conversations between people. Some examples are conversations for fun, description and action. Conversation for action can also be called promise and request. It is a template for communication that creates action with the people around you and with yourself.

To understand promise and request it’s helpful to begin with the notion of compliance versus commitment. There are a lot of places in our lives where Read More…

The Art of Being Grounded and Centered

In our Advanced Leadership course we teach the practice of being grounded and centered. Grounded and centered is something many professionals do whether they are athletes, doctors, sales people, musicians, managers or mechanics.

Being grounded requires clarity of purpose and the cutting away of all distractions. To do this, take Read More…

Helping Others to Clarify Their Intention

If someone’s intention doesn’t match yours then you don’t want to be doing business with them. Why? Mismatched intentions result in conflict. When the smallest obstacle arises, problems will occur, hindering performance. You can either find someone whose intention matches yours, or you can support someone in clarifying their intention.

Let me give you an example. I once did a seminar and said to the participants, Read More…

It’s a Busy Summer at K&A!

There is so much happening at Klemmer & Associates this summer!

Youth Leadership Camp
Spring has turned to summer and we are excited to share all the amazing events we have on the horizon! With kids out of school it is the perfect time of year for us to be supporting the next generation in their forward movement. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had learned these lessons when I was younger… think of all the amazing things I could have accomplished by now?!” Then now is the time to sew into the lives of the next generation. Give them the tools you never had. I promise it will be worth it.

July is packed with Youth Leadership Camp. YLC 1.0 is July 12-17, 2016. This program is designed for teens ages 12-18 to experience an adaption of our Personal Mastery and Advanced level seminars. The amount of growth they can experience in just six days is mind blowing! Since we had so many teens that were begging for another program, to grow more in this work, Kimberly Zink designed YLC 2.0. Our 2.0 program is for teens who have already been through 1.0, and is designed to stretch and grow the students’ preconceived notions of everything from how they view themselves to their sunglasses around money. It is a combination of Heart of the Samurai, Samurai Camp, and so much more. This year YLC 2.0 will be July 25-31, 2016. Enroll the teens in your life as soon as possible; space is limited and the classes are filling up quickly.

Playful Mastery
We are so excited to be bringing Playful Mastery back to the public August 5-7, 2016. This is an in-demand product that we offer about once a year for children ages 5-12 and their families. One of the commitments we have as an organization is building healthy families, and there is no better place to start that journey than Playful Mastery. The kids will be experiencing win/win, victim/responsible and so much more. We are also adding an entire piece for them to identify and deal with their emotions. So much excitement around the re-vamp of this product! Join us in Seattle, Washington for the family growth experience of a lifetime!

Because we are committed to healthy families and communities, we are putting an incentive in play for you to spread the word and get people in this class. When you refer a family who sits in Playful Mastery this August we will gift you 100 Klemmer points! Please use this as the fuel you need to positively interfere in the lives of those you care about.

Mobile App for Android & Apple
If you haven’t seen yet, Klemmer & Associates has launched an app for Android and Apple devices. We have been in the process of creating this for such a long time and could not be more thrilled with the outcome. Some of the features include class locations, direct access to your favorite enrollers in our office, photo sharing capability and so much more. Download today for free by searching for Klemmer in your app store.

Samurai Camp
Last, but certainly not least, we are welcoming in a new set of campers: Samurai Campers! Heart of the Samurai just concluded, sending a wave of samurai forward on their journey by signing up for Samurai Camp. They will be starting phone calls in August and it isn’t too late to join them! Huge goals will be accomplished before the end of the year… and yours should be among them.

We are so excited with everything happening and we want you to be a part of it! If you would like any more information please call (800) 577-5447. Everyone in our office would love to support you in whatever your next step is. As always, create an amazing day!

Accountability Without Judgment

By Brian Klemmer

Do you struggle with holding others accountable? Sometimes I do. One time I was hired to speak at a meeting in Los Angeles, and the woman who organized this function was supposed to recruit two hundred attendees. There were only fifty. At lunchtime she apologized profusely and I responded by telling her not to feel bad. I tried to relieve her guilt. Then I realized that while I succeeded in relieving her guilt, I wasn’t helping her to do her best. I wasn’t holding her accountable.

According to Webster’s dictionary, the word accountable means “subject to giving an account, answerable.” It’s neither good nor bad, and that’s why it’s done without judgment. Many of us find it difficult to Read More…

Forming a Mastermind Group

If you want to experience exponential growth toward your dreams, then you’ll want to participate in a mastermind group. In a recent newsletter we discussed why masterminding is one of the most important principles of success. How do you get started?

Mark Victor Hansen reveals seven keys to building a successful mastermind group during an interview in the multiple-CD series, Interviews with the Experts. To create a successful mastermind group, members must: Read More…