Up Your Intention

By Krystal Zellmer

It is a tradition for Americans and others in the Western Hemisphere to set New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions can vary from losing weight to getting out of debt. Basically New Year’s resolutions are goals that start on the first of the year. Did you know that roughly 88% of people that set New Year’s resolutions fail? (Weismen, 2007) Did you set a New Year’s resolution? Are you on track for completion?

Your goal is something about which you gave your word. Brian Klemmer said, “A Compassionate Samurai follows through whether it feels good or not; average people do what they feel like doing.” So if you are committed to your New Year’s resolution, but feel like you are losing steam, up your intention.

One way to up your intention is to put something at risk. Choose something that you are not okay with losing, and if you do not hit your goal that is the price you will pay. Another way to up your intention is to make a bold declaration. Find someone that will hold your feet to the fire, or an accountability buddy. The more people you declare your goal to the better. Imagine if you tell your children the goal you are going after. Do you think they are going to let up on you when you start wavering? Would you want to not accomplish what you told them you were going to do? Now that is a high level of accountability!

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! Go after your dreams with the tenacity that they deserve.

Blame It on the Brain: The latest neuroscience research suggests spreading resolutions out over time is the best approach, Wall Street Journal, December 26, 2009

Be With Listening

By Krystal Zellmer

At the root of success is the ability to be “in relationship” with others. Unfortunately, we are bombarded on a regular basis with how to speak, or how not to speak. Rarely are we given skills on how to listen. In Personal Mastery, we cover three ways of listening.

First is “agree with” listening. Agree with listening is listening to someone even though you have already decided they are right, or that you agree with them. The feeling behind an “agree with” listener is, “I know.”

Second is “disagree with” listening. Disagree with listening is listening from a place of Read More…

Anyone feeling like they are running on an empty battery?

By Krystal Zellmer

Sometimes does it just feel like your battery is drained? Feeling uninspired or underwhelmed with your results? Life is full of moments where we tend to feel stuck in a rut. There are many ways to shake up your routine to change your outcome!

One way to change your routine might sound incredibly simple… SET A GOAL! Choose an area in your life that you feel you want to improve, and set a SMART goal in relation to that area. You can find a full explanation of a SMART goal in Brian Klemmer’s book If How To’s Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny Rich and Happy. Have a huge goal in mind and have no clue where to start? Break that large goal down into smaller goals. Give yourself actions steps to set yourself into motion because life is not slowing down any time soon. Looking for some true accountability around your goals? Samurai Camp is the perfect place to set four separate goals and have the support to achieve your dreams.

Another way to recharge your battery is to staff a seminar. I believe staffing is one of the best classes we at Klemmer offer. Staffing gives you an opportunity to dive into the material, another time around, while being of contribution… a total WIN/WIN. On top of being a part of the work again, it is another chance to connect with like-minded people. Please take the opportunity to come and staff Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership or Heart of the Samurai. We would love to see you again, and support you in your dreams and goals.

Take life by the reins and fill up your cup. You are worth honoring yourself and living a life of passion and purpose.

Are we all controllers?

By Krystal Zellmer

At Personal Mastery we all got the opportunity to learn about the Four Quadrants. We got to see which quadrant we primarily sit in, and how to relate with others who are not in our quadrant of communication.

Controllers are sometimes given a hard time for their communication style, and sometimes it seems as though people do not want to be seen as a “controller.” I personally am proud to be a controller, and I can understand that being a controller can sometimes interfere with our need to be liked, but isn’t every Read More…

Do you need to be right?

By Krystal Zellmer

We all share a common pair of sunglasses known as our need to be right. This is the need for one person to be right, and the other wrong. Please do not hear this in the sense of morality. This program runs rampant among us, and can be one of the most difficult programs to change. If you can remove this set of sunglasses, right and wrong would not even exist. What would open up would be abundant opportunities and possibility.

The thought that “responsibility” is “fault” is an example of Read More…

Build Yourself a Pipeline

By Krystal Zellmer

Imagine two men in a village. Both have to walk a mile each way every day to a river to get water for their families. After a month, one man starts working on building a pipe underground to connect the river to his house. For an entire year he expends extra energy working on his pipeline. When he finishes, he has the resource of the water directly to his house, while the second man continues to walk to the river.

Are there places in your life where you are living day to day? What are the prices and benefits to that decision? Most people can see the prices, and there are benefits! It takes a ton of additional effort to create a pipeline in your life. For an entire year, the first man Read More…

Giver’s Marketplace Profile



Each week we will be profiling one of our Giver’s Marketplace members. Members of the Marketplace are all Klemmer graduates who are active in business or fundraising. You can check all of them out at www.klemmer.com/marketplace,  for this first profile we are highlighting Dr. Pamela Fowers. She is our newest member of the Marketplace. We chose to start with her because she is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of an invention, the campaign ends on November 18th. Dr. Fowers is a chiropractor, her life’s work is helping people relieve pain and restore balance in their bodies. She has invented the Sping Thing, it is an affordable handheld massage tool, that really works. Dr. Fowers brought a prototype of the Spring Thing to Advanced Leadership last week and gave us the chance to try it ourselves.

The Giver’s Marketplace Profiles will include a personal message from Kimberly Zink about the graduate and business or cause being profiled. Below is her message about Dr. Fowers and the Spring Thing.

Pam Fowers has been a dear friend for over 10 years. We met at her ALS while I was staffing. She then continued her journey with K&A through Sam Camp, where I was privileged to coach her to 100% completion of her goals. This was simply the beginning of a very fruitful and loving connection. She was part of building one of the largest Personal Masterys in K&A’s history. I have always valued my connection with Pam as one of love and professionalism. I was so excited to hear from her again last week and celebrate her latest achievement. She has created a magnificent device that helps everyone to feel better. I am sharing my excitement about it, and told her I would look forward to buying this new product for myself personally. As she is a member of the Giver’s Marketplace I thought all of you should be aware of what Pam, as a Klemmer grad, has created. Even though Pam lives 2.5 hours from San Francisco she jumped in her car and met me at ALS so I could experience the device in person. Well, she was correct, this massage device is different from anything I have experienced in the past. Pain that I have come to accept after being on the road for 2-3 weeks was relieved in minutes.

I am excited about the future of this Kickstarter project. Go to the Giver’s Marketplace on www.klemmer.com/marketplace to find out more information.

We are building the Giver’s Marketplace as a resource to create a SAFE and profitable space in an integrous way in the near future. Come join the fun!
Kimberly Zink


By Krystal Zellmer

The choice between the viewpoints of victim and responsible is consistently going to be a decision with which we are faced. Have you ever thought, “I honestly am the victim in this situation!” Being a victim, in this context, is the viewpoint that something is being done to you. Being responsible is not about whether or not you were victimized, but your outlook on the situation. It is about creating the liberty for you to move forward in your life however you see fit.

Two people that have been put in the exact same situation can choose either victim or responsible. It is not about the circumstances; it is always about Read More…

Is Caring Worth It?

By Krystal Zellmer

Have you ever had an experience where you felt burned by a relationship? Do you ever feel like you stick your neck out for people and it gets chopped off?  Can you accept that people are human and are going to occasionally disappoint you?

Your choice is where you go from there. How do you truly live your life as a Compassionate Samurai? Use three of the exercises from Personal Mastery to help you overcome your last heartache. Start by looking at the situation from a responsible place versus from a victim mentality. Responsible not meaning, “I am responsible, so you are not.” Responsible also does not mean, “You are responsible, so I am not.” Responsible is a viewpoint for Read More…

Introducing the Giver’s Marketplace

A young woman who recently attended Youth Leadership Camp took the time to write a thank you letter expressing her gratitude for her experience at Camp, she wrote:

“…I now know who I am. I now know what true friends are, and I now know what is holding me back. I can chase my dream, my HUGE dream, and I know I will achieve it!…”.

What amazing life lessons to learn at a young age!
Mustard Seed Scholarship FundWhat is equally amazing is that this young woman would not have been at Youth Leadership Camp if it weren’t for generous donations to The Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund. Over the past year we have been heartened to see that many of our grads have been willing to make these kinds of experiences possible for people they’ve never met. This year the Scholarship fund helped 12 young people attend the Youth Leadership Camps where they all experienced life changing breakthroughs.

As our community of graduates continues to grow, we have had requests from many of our grads to create more opportunities for interaction with the K&A community outside of our training room. We are excited to tell you about our answer to these requests, The Giver’s Marketplace. The Marketplace is a true win-win for you as a grad, and for future Mustard Seed Scholarship recipients.

The Giver’s Marketplace is an online community where K&A grads can connect with each other. The Marketplace provides you with the opportunity to connect with fellow Compassionate Samurai around products, charities and business opportunities. Some of our dedicated grads have created profiles on the Marketplace already and have started receiving requests to connect with other users. We are enthusiastic about the Giver’s Marketplace because it is a great example of a win-win. Our grads win because they get to do business with fellow grads and potential K&A students win because all the people posting on the Marketplace have agreed to generously donate to the Mustard Seed Fund, and K&A wins as our community of Compassionate Samurai continues to expand.

We are looking forward to touching even more lives in the upcoming years through the Mustard Seed Fund. The donations that come in from the Giver’s Marketplace are going to be a big part in making this life changing work available to even more people in 2016 and beyond. Your use of the Marketplace is what will make this all possible. Please head over to the Giver’s Marketplace to set up your own posting, and start building connections with your fellow Compassionate Samurai!

Reuben Romandy