Possibility / Probability

By Krystal Zellmer

What does it mean to truly live a life of possibility? Most people live in probability most of their lives. The difference between the two is breaking through a scarcity mindset and stepping into abundance. Easier said than done, right?

Are you defined by your limitations? Could you be liberated by your dreams? Dream boards are an incredible tool for manifesting results in your life. Take a few hours to cut out pictures from magazines of what you desire for your future. You can even print pictures from the internet. Make a collage of all the things you cut out. Hang your Dream Board somewhere in your house. Another solution is to create a Pinterest board as a virtual dream board that you can share with your friends.

Since your mind works in pictures, this Dream Board can be a way to remind your subconscious of your dreams and goals. Check back in a year and see how many amazing things you have accomplished.

Compliance vs Commitment

By Krystal Zellmer

Compliance vs Commitment: these are two very different kinds of motivation. Compliance is a fear based motivation. Usually when someone is in compliance they will finish the task, but their attitude around the task can be negative. Compliance can create results, and it usually is to the minimum necessary to avoid the consequences in place.

Commitment on the other hand, is when the individual has something at stake, but the motivation is not fear. People who are committed have Read More…

It is not about anything but rebound time

By Krystal Zellmer

Who is still beating themselves up for finding yourself in the 3 R’s? Or upset that you instantly made up a negative meaning to a situation? Maybe for you it is that you are still arguing to “Be Right” when you can see beyond that vantage point. That’s great news! It means you are Read More…

Fact/Meaning- do you have 360 degree vision on every situation?

By Krystal Zellmer

Fact/meaning has been one of the most enormous breakthroughs in my Klemmer journey. The notion that I get to choose to create whatever meaning I want, applied to every fact in my life, is absolutely liberating! I have gone back to a few dark places in my life, and re-wrote my own meaning around the situations.

But for me, it is the everyday application of fact/meaning that has been such a blessing. How much time would you say that you spend daily in your made-up meaning of a situation? Read More…

What are you prejudiced about?

By Krystal Zellmer

A major problem with changing our programming is that most of the time we do not even know that programs are running us. Sometimes I desperately want to take off my sunglasses, but just cannot seem to find them. One easy way to locate a pair of sunglasses is to examine that about which you are prejudiced.  What you are prejudice about?

Ever think that the “young crowd” is texting too much at the table? Or wonder why every single detail of their lives is on Facebook? The other day I was on a call with a few teens from our Youth Leadership Camp (a combination of our Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership Course for teens age 12-18; if you would like more information on what we offer for youth please contact Kari Roman at kari@klemmer.com). While on the phone, one teen asked another if she had found friends yet at college. I was astonished! These are two people who hadn’t talked in months, yet they had kept up with and supported one another via social media platforms! My personal set of sunglasses (prejudice) was that social media was just another thing that sucked away at my time. In removing that particular set of sunglasses, I realized that it could be so much more than that, and truly a tool for people to feel a sense of connection.

There are many places in our lives that we are prejudiced about something. My challenge to you is what are you prejudiced about? Are you willing to take a second look? What do you find yourself in judgment around? It might be one more time in your life where you get to take off a pair of sunglasses and see a color that you previously could not have seen.

Developing an Attitude of Abundance

A Brian Klemmer original

In days of economic uncertainty, it’s especially important to cultivate an attitude of abundance. How can we switch from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance?

One key is to recognize opportunities. Here’s a story that illustrates this. Once there was a fisherman who caught a large fish. Bringing out his ruler, the man measured his catch: twenty inches. The man threw the fish back. Soon after, his rod wiggled again. This fish measured only five inches and the fisherman dropped it into his bucket. And so it went. The fisherman kept every fish under twelve inches and threw back every fish of greater size. Finally, Read More…

Abundance or Scarcity – What Is Your Mindset?

A Brian Klemmer original

Many people think that their struggle with money stems from the circumstances they’re in. They think that if only they could change their circumstances by making more money, they would save and invest some of that money and be more generous. But the truth is, poverty is a state of mind.

Circumstances come and go, but whether you have a mindset of abundance or scarcity is more critical. In the 1950’s there was a game show titled, The $64,000 Question. Many contestants on this show won a lot of money, but of those who did, only one significantly changed her lifestyle. That was Dr. Joyce Brothers, an unknown at that time. It’s the same for many who win the lottery. I know someone who won seven million dollars in the lottery, but within five years couldn’t make his house payment – and he did not have a fancy house!

Many people say, “If only I had more money, I’d save it.” Or, they don’t have money to invest because “money is tight.” But the question is, are you saving or investing now? If you’re not saving, investing or tithing now because “money is tight,” then you have what we call a scarcity mentality about money.

The Compassionate SamuraiThe opposite is also true. In the 1980’s Donald Trump’s worth was valued in the billions. By 1990, however, he had lost his fortune to debts he couldn’t repay. Many thought there was no way Donald Trump could make a comeback. But although he was broke, Donald Trump never became poor. In spite of his circumstances, he had a mentality of abundance. Today Donald Trump is once again a billionaire, and it is said that he is even richer than before.

How we approach life — whether out of an attitude of abundance or scarcity — generally applies to many areas in our lives. That is the point of chapter 8 in my book, The Compassionate Samurai. There are some who say there are no good men (or women) available, others who insist there are no good prospects for their network marketing business, and others who believe there are no good job opportunities in today’s market.

Take a look at your life. If you’re stuck on a frustrating treadmill, consider how you think. Is it a scarcity mindset that keeps you there? An awareness of how you think is the first step toward changing your thoughts and your life. In the next newsletter we’ll discuss ways to foster an attitude of abundance.

The Ultimate Sales Formula

A Brian Klemmer original

What is your reaction when you hear the word sales? If you’re like many of the people I encounter, you have a negative view of sales. But I think this is a strange attitude to have, because ultimately everybody is in sales. If you’ve ever been on a date, you sold someone on asking you out, or on saying yes to your request. If you’ve ever gotten married, you participated in a big sale! Or, if you’ve ever succeeded in Read More…

City Buys State a University

by Bob Harrison

The California State University system’s newest campus is located in the Palm Springs area. What is unusual is that this university campus opened without the state putting up any money.

For years, officials in the Palm Springs area tried to get the university system to open a campus in their area. Repeatedly, they were told… “If the state has to pay for it, it will take decades. In fact, it might never happen.”

However, two individuals would not accept that as a final answer. They invited the California State University Chancellor to come to town for a luncheon attended by dignitaries. During their time together they asked him, “What if we donated a campus to you? Would you then build it and furnish a staff?” He answered, “Yes.”

The city of Palm Desert agreed to donate the land for a 200-acre campus site. Then by piling municipal money on top of private donations, in 90 days the two raised $9 million and then $10 million more. Now the thriving campus is Read More…

Getting Back in Balance

By Brian Klemmer 

Wherever I go, it seems as if people want balance in their lives. They’re working hard and find it difficult to juggle all the different areas they are involved in. Part of this has to do with focus, which I address in my book The Compassionate Samurai. The need for developing balance in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of our lives is discussed in my book If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy! (pages 104-114). Let’s expand on these thoughts.

When we’re in balance, we have greater power and peace of mind. The first time I rated these four aspects of my life, I was very strong on the mental and physical sides, but my spiritual and emotional development was weak. I found that Read More…