By Krystal Zellmer

The choice between the viewpoints of victim and responsible is consistently going to be a decision with which we are faced. Have you ever thought, “I honestly am the victim in this situation!” Being a victim, in this context, is the viewpoint that something is being done to you. Being responsible is not about whether or not you were victimized, but your outlook on the situation. It is about creating the liberty for you to move forward in your life however you see fit.

Two people that have been put in the exact same situation can choose either victim or responsible. It is not about the circumstances; it is always about Read More…

Is Caring Worth It?

By Krystal Zellmer

Have you ever had an experience where you felt burned by a relationship? Do you ever feel like you stick your neck out for people and it gets chopped off?  Can you accept that people are human and are going to occasionally disappoint you?

Your choice is where you go from there. How do you truly live your life as a Compassionate Samurai? Use three of the exercises from Personal Mastery to help you overcome your last heartache. Start by looking at the situation from a responsible place versus from a victim mentality. Responsible not meaning, “I am responsible, so you are not.” Responsible also does not mean, “You are responsible, so I am not.” Responsible is a viewpoint for Read More…

Introducing the Giver’s Marketplace

A young woman who recently attended Youth Leadership Camp took the time to write a thank you letter expressing her gratitude for her experience at Camp, she wrote:

“…I now know who I am. I now know what true friends are, and I now know what is holding me back. I can chase my dream, my HUGE dream, and I know I will achieve it!…”.

What amazing life lessons to learn at a young age!
Mustard Seed Scholarship FundWhat is equally amazing is that this young woman would not have been at Youth Leadership Camp if it weren’t for generous donations to The Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund. Over the past year we have been heartened to see that many of our grads have been willing to make these kinds of experiences possible for people they’ve never met. This year the Scholarship fund helped 12 young people attend the Youth Leadership Camps where they all experienced life changing breakthroughs.

As our community of graduates continues to grow, we have had requests from many of our grads to create more opportunities for interaction with the K&A community outside of our training room. We are excited to tell you about our answer to these requests, The Giver’s Marketplace. The Marketplace is a true win-win for you as a grad, and for future Mustard Seed Scholarship recipients.

The Giver’s Marketplace is an online community where K&A grads can connect with each other. The Marketplace provides you with the opportunity to connect with fellow Compassionate Samurai around products, charities and business opportunities. Some of our dedicated grads have created profiles on the Marketplace already and have started receiving requests to connect with other users. We are enthusiastic about the Giver’s Marketplace because it is a great example of a win-win. Our grads win because they get to do business with fellow grads and potential K&A students win because all the people posting on the Marketplace have agreed to generously donate to the Mustard Seed Fund, and K&A wins as our community of Compassionate Samurai continues to expand.

We are looking forward to touching even more lives in the upcoming years through the Mustard Seed Fund. The donations that come in from the Giver’s Marketplace are going to be a big part in making this life changing work available to even more people in 2016 and beyond. Your use of the Marketplace is what will make this all possible. Please head over to the Giver’s Marketplace to set up your own posting, and start building connections with your fellow Compassionate Samurai!

Reuben Romandy

Eat Feedback!

By Krystal Zellmer

Who is truly comfortable with receiving feedback? Do only things that make you comfortable move you forward? Get used to receiving feedback, and embrace it, so that you can use it as a tool in your life.

Feedback helps us in making course corrections. Someone else’s vantage point can enable us to see blind spots in our lives. Feedback can also foster relationships. Opening up lines of communication, through feedback, can allow those around you to feel more connected with you because of your openness to hear them.

Unfortunately, we can be resistant to feedback because we tend to confuse Read More…

Growth and Decay

By Krystal Zellmer

Have you ever just hoped that your life would become normal? That your world would be stable? Have you heard the story of Socrates and Plato? If not, here is an overview:

Socrates taught Plato that everything fits into one of three stages. Everything begins at a point of energy from which it expands or grows. This is followed by a period where nothing changes, and finally, it shrinks back to the original point of energy where it began. The first stage is growth, the second is stability and the third is decay.

Plato listened politely and then went off by himself to mull over what he had just heard. Walking along the beach, Plato picked up a piece of driftwood to examine it. He concluded that Read More…

Excited to announce the Giver’s Marketplace

We are excited to announce that the Giver’s Marketplace has launched. If you haven’t yet heard, the Giver’s  Marketplace is an online community driven forum; made for K&A graduates to search for fellow graduate run businesses and charities. At Heart of the Samurai last month the announcement of Giver’s Marketplace made quite an impact. We had business owners sign up to post on the Marketplace and there was a lot of enthusiasm from people who want to use it.
We are excited that the Marketplace is now open for you to experience. We need many more people to post businesses and charitable giving opportunities in order for Giver’s Marketplace to become the amazing tool we envision for all K&A grads. Please visit Giver’s Marketplace to see the initial postings, read our frequently asked questions, and most importantly subscribe to post your own business or charity on the site. Read More…

Overcoming Internal Resistance

By Krystal Zellmer

Sometimes the key piece that we can forget is that resistance in most cases is not external. Most of the time our resistance is within ourselves, battling our own sunglasses. Have you ever thought that the worst things being said to you are the things you say to yourself?

How do you overcome internal resistance? Quit resisting it! First, recognize that you are in resistance. Difficulties are part of the process. Keep your eyes open to the fact that Read More…

Possibility / Probability

By Krystal Zellmer

What does it mean to truly live a life of possibility? Most people live in probability most of their lives. The difference between the two is breaking through a scarcity mindset and stepping into abundance. Easier said than done, right?

Are you defined by your limitations? Could you be liberated by your dreams? Dream boards are an incredible tool for manifesting results in your life. Take a few hours to cut out pictures from magazines of what you desire for your future. You can even print pictures from the internet. Make a collage of all the things you cut out. Hang your Dream Board somewhere in your house. Another solution is to create a Pinterest board as a virtual dream board that you can share with your friends.

Since your mind works in pictures, this Dream Board can be a way to remind your subconscious of your dreams and goals. Check back in a year and see how many amazing things you have accomplished.

Compliance vs Commitment

By Krystal Zellmer

Compliance vs Commitment: these are two very different kinds of motivation. Compliance is a fear based motivation. Usually when someone is in compliance they will finish the task, but their attitude around the task can be negative. Compliance can create results, and it usually is to the minimum necessary to avoid the consequences in place.

Commitment on the other hand, is when the individual has something at stake, but the motivation is not fear. People who are committed have Read More…

It is not about anything but rebound time

By Krystal Zellmer

Who is still beating themselves up for finding yourself in the 3 R’s? Or upset that you instantly made up a negative meaning to a situation? Maybe for you it is that you are still arguing to “Be Right” when you can see beyond that vantage point. That’s great news! It means you are Read More…