Set Your Intentions High

What is a goal you will be working on this year? If you do not achieve that goal, how will you feel? Will you be sad, disappointed, or will you have that “Oh well, I tried” feeling? As detailed in chapter 2 of If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy, you must set your intention for that goal so high, that not reaching that goal is not an option.

You can have conflicting commitments, but the bigger one always wins. For example, you may want to lose weight, but not want to be disciplined. You may want to grow your business, but not really want to take risks or in other words, be uncomfortable. Several options to raise your level of intent for what you want are 1) making commitments, 2) putting yourself at risk, and 3) visualization.

Let’s go back to your goal as we consider making commitments. Who have you shared your goals with? If you haven’t told anyone, then the odds are you want the result, but it isn’t your intent. If you have children, try this. Make a commitment to them regarding what you will get done in two weeks. Now ask them what they want when you get it done in two weeks. Be sure to negotiate if they ask for something unreasonable! Explain to them that the family is a team and that everyone has different roles. Part of your role is to produce and part of their role is to be supportive of you. If you’re like most parents, you would rather do many uncomfortable things than face your children at the end of two weeks and say, “You don’t get what I promised, because I didn’t get done what I said I would do.” By committing to your children you have raised and clarified your intent.

As an employee, you could make a commitment to your boss about what you will get done this week. If you are the boss, you could make a commitment to your employees about what you will get done this week or this month.

Many people won’t commit, because they are more concerned with looking good by never breaking their word than they are with producing. Never sacrifice the power you gain by committing just so that you can look good. It’s a poor man’s trade.

Make the effort to raise your intention this year!

2 Responses to “Set Your Intentions High”

  1. SueRumack says:

    I especially like making your intention known to your kids, and then having to follow through rather than disappoint them. Powerful and personally manipulative all at the same time. 🙂

  2. JO says:

    Good stuff! I’d read Brians book on “Intentions… ” and started my first screenplay that I had been wanting to do for years. It had been bouncing aroun in my head for some time, but I’d not taken the step to start writing. I am now 1/3 of the way through and anxiously working to complete it by my March contest deadline. I’ve told almost everyone I know for that very reason. The more people I tell the more impetus for me to get on the ball….and get’er done!

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