Summer Updates

Hello graduates!

Have you heard the rumors on the grapevine? This summer is packed with brand new opportunities for your whole family. Here are highlights of the possibilities coming your way:

#1 – The Playful Mastery!

After many years without offering a class for families we are overjoyed to be presenting the Playful Mastery Seminar in Torrance California on June 27 – 29. We already have quite a lot of interest and enrollment in this class, but there is still room for a few more families and we would love to see you there. This class focuses on the same principles as our Personal Mastery, but is presented in a fun, kid friendly way. The class is for children five years and up, along with their parents, grandparents and any other family members who want to enjoy a more connected family life. The class applies the Klemmer principles to issues important to kids and families, including creating a more harmonious home, self esteem, and bullying. For more information about the Playful Mastery class please call JoAnne in our office at 800-577-5447, and see Playful Mastery.

#2 – Youth Leadership Camp Level 2!

This is our second summer offering YLC Level 2, which is the follow up to our original Youth Leadership Camp. This class offers new leadership and growth opportunities to past YLC graduates. If your teen has previously attended YLC, you know how impactful it is in the lives of teens. Many participants come back year after year to staff YLC and to experience the fun, growth and connections that they created during YLC. Many of these past grads want to move on in their leadership training, but in the past they were not eligible to attend any other K&A classes until they were eighteen years old. Kimberly Zink and Krystal Zellmer created this second level class to fill that gap. See more information, go to Youth Leadership Camp Level 2.

#3 – Klemmer Coaching Academy!

This brand new offering from Klemmer & Associates is only for graduates of Advanced Leadership and beyond. It is an online course for any ALS graduate who is interested in deepening their understanding of the Klemmer principles and for people who want to create a coaching business.
The course focuses on how to effectively communicate the principles you know from PM and ALS with clients and other people you are in relationship with. We have created all new content exclusive to the Klemmer Coaching Academy. For more information or to enroll, go to the Klemmer Coaching Academy. As a special bonus we are offering a significant discount off of tuition for those who enroll and pay before the official launch date of June 15th.

We are so happy to be bringing these new opportunities to our graduates! We are committed to growing community around the Klemmer work, and your family is an integral part of that community. We hope to see you and your children at one of these exciting new classes this summer.