The Challenge of Waiting

By Centa Terry

Why is it that the last bit of any journey seems the longest?  My kids and I love road trips and have been on many.  You can drive a 12 hour day but that last hour seems longer than the first 11.  You can sit in school all day and the day flies by, til that last hour and then it feels longer than the whole day combined.  You look forward to a special occasion for days or weeks but that last day seems like a lifetime.  Is that when expectations are higher?  There is nothing more disheartening than unmet expectations.

Well that is how Saturday or Sunday were for us.  One of the doctors told us Saturday morning that we would be moving from ICU to a regular room that night or Sunday morning.  Well having a good grip on reality, having been around the block a time or two with life circumstances, and having a hospital experience in the past, I knew that it was HIGHLY unlikely we would be moving Saturday night but believed there was a pretty good chance for Sunday morning.

HospitalWe were right about Saturday night……which was THE longest night in ICU with blaring lights, a crying baby, and a teen who had to have stuff sucked out of his throat a lot of the night and who made loud grunting noises in his resistance to the nurses.  Sunday morning, we were told we would be moving to a room in the late morning.  There is a God, we are moving out of ICU.  Late morning came and went.  Then we were told there were 4 patients moving from ICU up to the third floor and we were first on the list.  We would be going up by 2pm.  Joey had a contact warning on him and they had not removed that yet which set us back on the move.  They moved patients around in ICU over the next few hours and by 5pm… YES we are STILL in ICU, we were at least alone in the room where just hours ago there were 4 of us.  The next update came, they made some changes and will be moving us up to the floor just after shift change at 7:30pm.  How late can they really move you around?  I mean come on, would they move you into a room while others are sleeping?  Okay, okay, this is familiar, I have experienced this before.  Oh yes, I remember, palms togethe… palms apart!  I think I learned something in that exercise… or did I?  We had gathered up all our things and were ready to go and excited about the thought of being at the Ritz Carlton. YES, that IS what a room on a regular floor is like after being in ICU for 9 nights and sleeping in a chair!  You guessed it, that time came and went too.  Did I ask for a test in patience this day.  Ummmm, I think NOT!  Finally at 10pm, frazzled and exhausted, they moved us up to a regular room.  PHEW!  That seemed like so much work……waiting.

Why does the wait seem so challenging.  I believe the wait is challenging because we take our eyes off of the moment.  Have you heard, life is a journey, not a destination.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced in the moment on the journey.  When we fix our eyes on the destination, we miss out on the experiences of the moment.  That is when we end up victim to our circumstances and frustrated when things don’t look a certain way, our way.  Yes, that is where I found myself on Sunday.  Looking back, I can only wonder what great little blessings I may have missed choosing to be a victim to my circumstances and not living in the moment.  Who could I have touched, and who could have touched me?  I don’t have any guilt around it – just the awareness that I may have missed out on some great moments.

My big takeaway from this day: have a goal, have a dream, have something to look forward to that you are moving towards… and then, BE in the moment.  This is it and I am satisfied!

Lord thank you, for continued humbling moments and for the reminder that life is lived IN THE MOMENT!


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