The Path Frequently Traveled

by Sandra Furuvald

RESISTANT: When we go down the path of resentment, it often turns into resistance, in such a sneaky way we don’t even realize it. Let me give you an example, we live on a street called Wardlow, however, after you travel a few miles north it turns into Ball. If you are traveling on Wardlow, and all of a sudden you look up and see a sign that says, Ball Rd., you might wonder how you got on Ball when you thought you were on Wardlow. Resistance can often times sneak up on us in the same manner, we don’t realize how we got there and often times we don’t even realize we have been there for quite some time.

I used to have a problem with one of my co-workers. She was extremely rude to all the other employees, and had an extra dose for me. I noticed with myself, and others that when this person behaved in an unkind manner, we couldn’t wait to share our unfortunate events on how she wronged us. We then took it a step further and started avoiding her, avoided being in the same room, avoided any contact with her, if she asked us to do something, we were in no hurry to get it done. We even discussed the pleasantness of the day when she wasn’t at work.

We banded together and allowed this one person to control our day, where we went, and how we felt. All on a subconscious level. It took awhile, but I snapped out of this self-induced trance of allowing this person to dictate my day, and I began to see like never before. I noticed that both parties, our distasteful co-worker and the rest of us, had something in common. We all had a sense of entitlement. We were entitled to be treated a certain way, and she was entitled to behave any way she wanted without repercussions . That entitlement caused us to repel. We began to put up walls and judgement came into play. All on a subconscious level of course.

What if instead of going through life on autopilot, we began to pay attention to what’s happening around us, what if we paid attention to our own actions and reactions. What if we asked the question, “What’s really going on here?” I had to asked myself if I really wanted this co-worker to have that much control over my day. By starting there and asking myself that one question, the truth became obvious. I learned many things, and continue to learn, however, we can’t remain in thought, we must do. If this co-worker could shift the atmosphere in a negative manner, why can’t I shift it in a positive manner. As I shared my epiphanies with the rest of my co-workers and encouraged them to come out of their stupor of subconscious dilution, the atmosphere became quite different. The light overcame the darkness.

We begin with Resentment, and quicker than we can blink an eye it races towards Resistance, and often times lead to the thing that many of us do not think we are guilty of, but guilty we are… REVENGE.

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