by Rosie Bank

Like many of you who are reading this post, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement for a very long time. This would be a shared value for those of us who are involved with Klemmer and Associates seminars. Although this happened several decades ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I learned that my thoughts were powerful things and that they created my reality was a defining moment for me. The process I am sharing with you today has shaped my personal life and my career path for as long as I can recall.

How many of you are like me? Do you listen in on your own thoughts? Do you pay attention to what you tell yourself continuously throughout the day? If not, listen up. This could be a real game changer for you.

You can learn to “unthink” thoughts that do not support you to have, do, and become what and who you want. Thinking negative thoughts is not a crime. It just makes it harder for you to live the life you most desire. They are like roadblocks and you have to navigate around them. Conversely, positive thoughts give you a boost and make life fun, easier, and can even affect your bottom line and profitability.

Upgrading to more positive thoughts will take practice. Here are some strategies and the benefits that come along with them.


  • Start off with one day. Build up to one week. Pay attention to every thought you think. If it is not positive, energizing and life-affirming, deliberately rethink a new thought. An example is if you hear yourself saying that you cannot do something, or that you do  not deserve something. Those would be good thoughts to rethink.
  • Learn to capture life-affirming, super-energizing thoughts. The ones that make you feel great. Say them out loud in a voice filled with enthusiasm. Let the universe hear you loud and clear. One of my favorites is “I CAN DO IT!” Another good one to capture is ones that start with “I deserve…” (love, financial freedom, radiant health, etc.)
  • Create a filter. If the media or someone with whom you are speaking or to whom you are listening makes a depressing or negative statement, let it live outside of you instead of automatically by default taking it in. Let other’s thoughts be theirs, as you select your own.


  • You can move yourself more easily toward your goals. Filling yourself with radiantly life-affirming and self-affirming thoughts lessens the resistance and increases the energy between you and manifesting your desires.
  • You will have more self-confidence and self-esteem. You believe in yourself no matter what, and you have the thoughts to prove it!
  • Your energy, and thus your attractor factor will reflect this new inner landscape. People and opportunities will find you more easily.

Belief in yourself is the foundation of everything and it starts with what you tell yourself. Every thought counts, so be mindful as you shift to more positive ones.


Rosie Bank is a veteran entrepreneur. She has been in business for herself since 1973. Rosie is a network marketing coach and team leader, a faculty member of Networking University, and a graduate of Klemmer and Associates Seminars. Rosie is the author of You, Inc. Own Your Business, Own Your Life, which was endorsed by Brian Klemmer. You, Inc. is available at

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