These 3 things result in a stressed, struggling child with low self-esteem

When you raise a family you want your child to be happy and live to the fullest potential … The stronger the child and family, the better!

Am I right?

We hear it all the time in the seminars … “How do I improve my relationship with my spouse/ex-spouse and child/step-child? Help!”

… So we’ve decided to bring back our seminar for families … Hopefully you’re able to join us …

“Raise Your Family … with Greater EASE!  Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Parents Make that Keep Their Children Stressed, Struggling and Having Low Self-Esteem!”

Raising a family is not easy. In a child’s life, so many situations create stress and struggle. Where will your child’s self-esteem be? Will it be strong enough to withstand bullying and other negative influences or unhealthy situations? Bullying, drugs, crime, peer pressure, underachieving/ bad grades, lethargy/depression, obesity, bickering/fighting … These maladies unfortunately and surprisingly are affecting younger and younger and more and more children these days.

Here’s what we found:

Mistake #3 – Losing connection. Expecting your child to be and act like an adult. When you lose connection, you become worlds apart. Taking the time and connecting at a deeper level will form a much stronger bond that will set you up for a lifetime of a strong family foundation.

Mistake #2 – Not ‘speaking’ a language the child understands best. Parents often unconsciously treat their child as incompetent! It shows in the parent’s tone, the words they say, and in their actions when they do too much for the child. Solution: Parents need to learn ‘child speak’ in a way that empowers the child. Learning the proper use of ‘child speak’ can lead to you and your child communicating infinitely better.

Mistake #1 –  Not equipping child with tools. Stress, Struggle and Low Self-Esteem are tragically the norm these days. The tools that are needed then must be of a different kind–Personal Mastery and Advanced. But what we found is that parents have difficulty using the adult tools with their child. Playful Mastery is Personal Mastery and some of Advanced in ‘Child Speak’ (children’s language). THEIR tools in THEIR language. And it’s surprising easy for adults to learn.

Our children and families who have experienced Playful Mastery learn how to navigate quickly through the ‘traps’ of growing up in a negative stressful world. Less stress. Less struggle. Less drama.
More Peace, More Harmony. More Health, Wealth & Love.

Now, you already know the power of transformation derived from Personal Mastery and the other seminars. So …

Give your family THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! The gift of LOVE. The gift of each other in an ‘adventure’ of discovery, challenge, growth, transformation, connection and fun, all wrapped into one.

PlayfulMasterySEATS ARE LIMITED. We anticipate that seats will go fast as we have some very special Christmas incentives!

SPECIAL INCENTIVES – Only the first 30 people registered will receive:

  • Guaranteed seat(s) in the class
  • $70 value package of children’s books tied to our Tools, Languaging and Connecting with your child
  • 50 Klemmer rewards points if enrolled by March 1st
  • Entry in a drawing for TWO (2) Personal Mastery Scholarships!

NOW is the time to register. You’ll not want to miss out.

You can grab your seats by calling JoAnne at the Klemmer office!
Call (707) 559-7722 or (800) 577-5447 now.
Payment plans are available.

Make this your family’s CHRISTMAS GIFT OF A LIFETIME!

Kimberly Zink


P.S. If you’ve been struggling with your children even just a little bit, don’t let it grow into a bigger problem … Don’t be silly, let us help …


Make 2014 ‘The BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE’ for you and your family!

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