Three Disciplines of a Compassionate Samurai

As a graduate of Klemmer & Associates and one who practices the art of being a compassionate samurai, you understand the importance of maintaining a sharp edge on your thinking. This is an ongoing journey that requires several disciplines. Here are three things you can do to hone your life.

Cultivate Relationships: We become like the people we spend time with, and maintaining relationships with those who are like-minded — whether friends and family members, compassionate samurai, or businesspeople – can’t be emphasized enough.

Study: Take at least 15 minutes a day to read books that reinforce compassionate samurai thinking. Brian’s book, The Compassionate Samurai is only one of several resources available in the Klemmer & Associates store to strengthen concepts you’ve learned in K & A seminars. While you drive or do other activities that don’t require the full use of your mind, you can also listen to CDs or MP3s. See CD sets and MP3 download sets in the store.

Reading and listening represents the repetition side of growth. How can you get emotional experiences that produce quicker transformations? Every six months is ideal but if that’s not possible, do so at least once a year. Many people find that staffing seminars can be more powerful than first time attendance because they’re not on the “hot seat.”

Quiet Time: There are three advantages to slowing down for a quiet time. For those of us who tend to go, go, go, we need to slow down just to cultivate creativity. This is our space where we can come up with out-of-the box ideas.

This is also a time when we can truly be with God (or whatever you choose to call God). If you want to get hooked up and partner with an entity greater than yourself, then it’s important to slow down and listen. God usually doesn’t yell at you, but speaks in a soft voice that requires a quiet heart.

Taking quiet time also alters our rhythm. We’re usually more effective when we operate in more than one mode. If we’re constantly on the go, then we’re not very effective. By the same token, if we’re always slow, we’re not as effective, either. It helps to vary our rhythm.

Practice these three disciplines of cultivating relationships, study, and quiet time, and you will become the compassionate samurai you desire to be.

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