Trigger Devices

By Krystal Zellmer

One interesting thing I remember about Brian Klemmer was that he always had a nail polish dot right in the center of his watch. Sometime that dot was the same color for years. The dot on his watch when he passed was purple. Those were not just arbitrary dots or colors, they were trigger devices. The purple dot was for one of his books to get onto Oprah’s Book Club.

Trigger devices can be extremely useful in our daily lives. They can be reminders of lessons we have learned. They can be reminders of where we want to be. They can be reminders of who we want to be. After Personal Mastery we pass out dominoes as a trigger device back to your experience. What is a trigger device you can create in your own life? What is a huge goal that you want to be reminded of every day? Whether it is nail polish on your watch or a rubber band on your wrist, put a trigger device into play in your own life in order to move you forward.