What is Your Intention?

In the Klemmer & Associates Champion’s Workshop, we play a game that challenges participants to cross the room in a way different from everyone else. The purpose of this game is to demonstrate that when your intention is clear, the mechanism to achieve your goal will appear, and you will achieve the results you are after. Recently we received a beautiful letter from a woman who experienced the power of this “Formula of Champions” for herself. What is holding you back from taking that needed step for yourself? Our hope is that you, too, will move forward to achieve the results you desire for your own life.

I always knew I was made for something greater than what I had been doing for the last 25 years, but all my adult life I always took care of everyone else and never invested in myself. Mostly a single mother, I came last and I continued down that spiral even as my son became an adult. I ended up not trusting people, never asking for help, and limiting myself with faulty beliefs about myself or what I wanted to do. I continued to sabotage myself year after year until I internally became very ill and at a crossroads. I knew I needed to take action once and for all to become the woman that I was created to be! I say these things with a full heart, tears in my eyes and sincerely tell you that without this amazing company, I would be lying in a hospital.

The value that I created at the Advanced Leadership Seminar is: trust in others and most importantly, me. I realized that how I “show up” in life is so important, that I CAN create anything I want in life and that the possibilities are infinite. I gained tools to test myself when I feel in conflict about anything, and zeroed in on the core of who I am. I actually was graced with an ah-ha moment of what my life’s purpose is. I do not live in “scarcity” and I now have such abundance. I released barriers that were holding me back, and for the first time in my life I was able to see myself as a bold, beautiful and trustworthy woman. The Monday after coming back from the ALS I created $3500, and I also created a non-profit – all within 5 hours! I would have never believed any of that was possible before ALS.

After the Advanced Leadership Seminar, I felt that if I didn’t go to Heart, I was going to die! I was really being pulled there with such an intense force, it had to be God. My intention was SO clear that I was going no matter what. I used “leverage” for the money to go and told K&A that I would sleep in my car — I didn’t care. That evening, a lady that had a room notified K&A that if someone needed a place to sleep while going to Heart, she had a pullout couch in her room and there was no charge. I stayed with her. I was truly blessed in so many ways.

I ask all of you that are not fully committed and are contemplating not going to the next level, “What is holding you back from taking that step for yourself?”

When your intention is clear, the mechanisms will appear! BELIEVE in yourself… TRUST this company… TRUST the people who are leading you in the Personal Mastery course, and most of all TRUST GOD, because he is sending you this LIFE BOAT! Open yourself up to receive and you will be showered!

With love and compassion,
Dawn Christensen-Santos
I am a bold, beautiful and trustworthy woman

4 Responses to “What is Your Intention?”

  1. Michael Ambruster says:

    Thank you for sharing!! Ahhhh…Makes me feel great!

  2. Carmen G. says:

    Love it. Thank you for sharing this with me. I truly believe in K&A. Is an amazing compnay doing amazing thing for people and the future of this nation.

  3. Kimberly Watson says:

    What an awesome share! Thank you so much Dawn! It is so encouraging to read, and I can relate to much of your story. I am set to go to Heart in April, with my significant other who was one of your fellow Samurai in Advanced! You are truly BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  4. Dawn_christensen says:

    Hello Kimberly. It will be an honor to see you in April, as I plan to staff. Much love and compassion.

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