Will You Let Another Year Go By With the Same-Old Same-Old Family Dynamics?

When you raise a family, like most parents, you set out expecting a warm loving happy family … skipping through the meadows … Well, not actually, but rather you have your own idea of what an extraordinary life would be with your family, right? You may get that in MOMENTS rather than in a LIFESTYLE. For as ‘reality’ had set in, the day-to-day grew into a vicious cycle of being lost in chaos, an endless string of busyness, taxi driving, activities, drama, etc. … with what you thought would bring happiness, but instead has wrought less and less connection …

Want to ‘stop the madness’!?

Once time is spent, you can’t get it back.

Life is too precious, is it not, to let another year, another moment go by without creating THE MOST VALUABLE time with your child and family while your child is still young? … BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, your child will be a teen, an adult, and then leave your nest …

Ask any parent of a teen or young adult … “Did time fly by? And would you have wanted more connection … more tools? And earlier rather than later with your child before he/she left?” I bet you would get a resounding ‘Yes!’ over and over again. Because …

Each phase to the next of your child’s life changes that fast …

Do you have the language, the tools, the communication or even the setting or environment to absolutely BE with your child and family in the way you learned how to BE WITH in your K&A seminar(s)? Three, four, six, eight, or even ten years is a very short amount of time to be that close, living in your household, before your child leaves the nest and heads off to create his/her own life …

… So that you won’t have to go another year without creating EXTRAORDINARY value for your child, for your family, we’ve have designed our seminar specifically for you to connect deeply … to give you the language, the tools, the environment and How To’s to getting to EXTRAORDINARY. … Hopefully you and your family will be up for the challenge of getting to ‘Extraordinary’ and join us …

“Start NOW Living ‘Extraordinary’ With Your Family! The Top 3 Ways Parents Can LIVE Rather Than Just VISIT ‘Extraordinary Family’ …”

Getting to ‘Happiness’ for yourself isn’t easy … Guiding your family there is even more difficult, if you don’t have the proper tools or when to use them. Unfortunately, society has accepted the norm, almost a standard, that allows bullying, drugs, crime, peer pressure, underachieving/ bad grades, lethargy/depression, obesity, bickering/fighting … No one ever wanted the levels we are at now … Massive tools and skills are needed to survive these realities of everyday life, let alone thrive under these influences. What are your current tools to help your child develop self-esteem, withstand bullying and other negative influences or unhealthy situations?

You know ‘Extraordinary’ from what you’ve experienced in K&A seminars … because that’s what we do, help you create ‘Extraordinary’. Give THAT to your family!

Here are the top 3 ways we found that bring families to ‘Extraordinary’ much faster:

Tool #3 – Creating an optimal environment. That means physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Balance. An imbalanced environment wreaks havoc on relationships, health, wealth and Self. What area of life could you or your child develop and improve Balance? One, two, three or all four of these areas? Taking the time to assess and improve your ‘environments’ will set you up for a lifetime of a strong family foundation, Balance, and being in the flow (instead of unnecessarily fighting through life).

Tool #2 – Understanding how life works: The mind, Intention, Balance, Communication, Responsibility, Contribution, Commitment, Leadership, Love … Living life in automatic is one way of living. Living life using more and more of your full potential and teaching your child to do the same creates massive trajectory shifts … that change the direction of lives. Automatic vs. Aware and taking Higher Ground, it’s your choice … and an INCREDIBLE GIFT to give to your child.

Tool #1 – Having the ‘right’ tools and knowing when and how to use them. You receive a tremendous amount of tools in our K&A seminars. But which one and how and when do you use them on your child? It’s like having your child wear your shoes! A perfect fit for you, but big and clunky and very awkward for your child, easier for them to stumble and fall … even harder to pick themselves up … Like shoes, why wouldn’t you want a great fit, functional … and fashionable? ‘Fashionable’ in that your child wants the tools because they begin to see that they get more and more of what they want, faster and faster, happier and happier … goals achieved easier and easier, relationships become better and better …

Our children and families who have experienced Playful Mastery have learned the tools of ‘Extraordinary Families.’ They learned how to ‘rinse and repeat’ specific tools and strategies for greater Peace, Harmony, Balance, Love! Playful Mastery provides the environment and ways that you can have EXTRAORDINARY CONNECTION to your child and family that you all can remember … and continue … for the rest of your lives.

Give yourself the power of transformation derived from Personal Mastery and the other seminars for your family … in a form that all of you can understand. So …

Give your family THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! The gift of LOVE. The gift of each other in an ‘adventure’ of discovery, challenge, growth, transformation, connection and fun, all wrapped into one.

SEATS ARE LIMITED. We anticipate that seats will go fast as we have some very special Christmas incentives!

SPECIAL INCENTIVES ARE LIMITED. Only the first 30 people registered will receive:

  • Guaranteed seat(s) in the class
  • $70 value package of children’s books tied to our Tools, Languaging and Connecting with your child
  • 50 Klemmer dollars if enrolled by March 1st
  • Entry in a drawing for TWO (2) Personal Mastery Scholarships!

Register NOW because you’ll not want to miss out.

You can grab your seats by calling JoAnne at the Klemmer office!
Call (707) 559-7722 or (800) 577-5447 now.
Payment plans are available.

Make this your family’s CHRISTMAS GIFT OF A LIFETIME!

Make 2014 your family’s BEST YEAR EVER!


Kimberly Zink


P.S. If you’ve experienced ‘Extraordinary’ even just a little, don’t let it disappear as it can easily slip out of your hands, especially as your child grows older and year after year whizzes by … So let us help …

Register NOW by calling JoAnne at the Klemmer office at (707) 559-7722 / (800) 577-5447.


Make 2014 ‘The BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE’ for you and your family!

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