Working with a Coach… the Key to Being Trainable

In my work life I wear two coach hats: one in health and one in business. And when I am not coaching others, I am being coached by people who know more and who are more experienced in areas where I want to be constantly growing. Those areas are health, business, leadership, personal development, and slalom water-skiing.

This morning my ski coach explained something to me that was highly technical. For the first time ever, I implemented it successfully. In this ski club people are continuously offering technical tips. The culture is constant self-improvement and always helping others. (If you happen to be in network marketing, this should really ring a bell.)

Rick, my coach, suggested that perhaps I was not paying enough attention since he knew that this particular tip had been stated countless times before. I realized that I had heard so many ski tips, that while I was busy practicing some, there were others I had missed. And today, by the grace of the ski Gods, I got another piece that made a huge difference.

What does this have to do with your health? Everything! What have you been led to do by experts who, like Rick is to me, know more than you about being much healthier? What does this have to do with your business? Everything! Are there things you have heard, and perhaps not paid attention to, and that, if implemented, would revolutionize your business the way my performance on the water today was revolutionized?

RosieBeing trainable is a key to every kind of development: financial, health, spiritual, professional, relationships, and anything you can think of where you want to become better. Surrendering to the knowledge and inspiration coming from someone who wants to help you get what you want can be a game changer in all areas of your life.

Yesterday I spoke with someone who has a tremendous track record in the direct sales profession. I asked her a question about working with a challenging prospect. I loved her answer and put it to work right away. No surprise – it worked! My health coach is an author whose work I am following and whose recommendations I have implemented for spectacular results.

As a coach and as a “coachee” I urge you to consider the difference it could make in your life by being teachable. What would your life look like if you really got out of your own way, and allowed those who knew more than you to inspire you to another level of your own greatness?


By Rosie Bank, health and business coach.

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