Your programs run you!

By Jim Pagiamtzis

DataMany of you may remember Data (Brent Spiner) from Star Trek Enterprise – he was an android who was on a journey to become more human. In numerous episodes, he was completely an android (“Data Goes Nuts”) and in others he was laughing like a human.

As humans we do the same thing in our daily lives without realizing it.

At a recent Champion’s Workshop in Toronto, leadership trainer Ronnie Doss shared with the audience that you can change and alter the programs that run you instantly “if you choose to lead with heart and not your head”.

At times Data had a computer chip embedded, to assist him in becoming more “human”. In reality we don’t need this to happen in order to change, it is our own self discovery which allows us to take control to make the changes to become better instantly, and to have the ability to create our own unique ability to overcome any challenges we face.

In the following two examples the participant created their own “AHA” moment by going with their heart and not their head.

In the middle of the session there was one participant standing in their own island of complexity. Ronnie had taken away most of their options, and was saying “you can cross jumping, skipping, rolling, moon walking…” The two participants were showing clear desperation in their faces and body language. It got so desperate that the trainer said to one participant, “I will give you $500 worth of books and CDs if you cross the stage now!”

Then it happened! !  Very quickly he swiveled like a worm across the state. The crowd stood up and cheered.

As he shared his experience afterward, his face was glowing and he looked like a different person: full of confidence, charisma and energy. There was instant change because he didn’t stand there “thinking” through and analyzing all of the options. He simply went to his “heart” and DID IT.

We all have the power to be leaders, better ourselves, and empower others. But we need the inertia and mental awareness to take control of our sub-conscious programs, create powerful new programs, rule our emotions, be outstanding servants, and change our lives. In the midst of that process, we will affect others the same way.

Just as Data was on a journey to greater humanity, we can evolve and become extraordinary humans beings in this world.

As Captain Jean Luc Picard would say to Data, “engage” in your journey and be effortless and outstanding in achieving your goals.

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